Troy Nelson


Troy Nelson has a passion for helping people. In the course of his personal and professional journey, he discovered that his passion could be exceptionally well utilized as an attorney, protecting and defending people who are suffering and in search of justice.

Troy's Background

Troy spent over 15 years serving defendants in civil court. When he started to feel that his ultimate calling lay on the opposite side of the courtroom, Troy decided to establish a practice where his experience in civil defense would provide a unique advantage in representing civil plaintiffs.

Troy’s career path began in the classroom, not the courtroom, utilizing a degree in teaching and philosophy to guide young minds towards self-awareness. When he discovered a knack for the legal profession, Troy went back to school at Gonzaga Law and graduated in the Class of ‘97.​
After a decade spent defending civil clients for a prominent firm, Troy left to switch sides and pursue plaintiff work, advocating for individuals injured by the type of clients he used to defend.​
Today, Troy and his team at Nelson & Associates strive to provide the highest standards of empathetic legal aid to personal injury plaintiffs and civil litigants throughout the Inland Northwest. If you find yourself injured, exploited, and in need of an advocate, we want to hear from you.​
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